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Photonic Vibrations

Updated: Jul 8

This is a very big project I am undertaking for Crab Devil art collective in Tampa. It’s an immersive exhibit that fills a 40’x8’x8′ shipping container with rings of lights on every surface.

Check out the awesome video they posted for the Penninsularium here

The video above is an early panel prototype, just to demonstrate the sensor arrangement, the math to project sensor data to a grid of rings, the audio configuration and capablities, and a little logic to make it pretty.

I am currently working with a sheet of black MDF that LiveWork CNC’ed for me to perfectly house all the components, developing the software for the panels. I’ll post a video of the new prototypes soon. Just this week I made a major change to the hardware and read functions which will improve the isolation between the different sensors. At the moment I’m focused on being able to clearly read and propogate a current across a panel, and next I will be working on passing it on to the next panel. The communications protocols will take some development, but should not be quite as surprising and elusive as getting good readings from all the sensors involved in reading a gesture.

When the software reaches the point that the panels can auto-update in a chain, we’ll start building almost a hundred of them to fill up the shipping container from floor to ceiling.

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