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Phantom Tollbooth Car

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

For the Gulfport Community Players’ Junior Stars children’s theatre production of The Phantom Tollbooth, I created this vehicle.  It was based on a powerwheels vehicle intended for 2 children, but I have hot rodded the heck out of it!  I cut it in half, added length with 1x2s and plywood, swapped the stock accellerator switch for a PWM motor controller for variable speed, forward and reverse, added a big 20W speaker and on-board sound effects, fully dimmable headlights, tail lights, animated under-mounted light strips as well as independently rotating hubcaps to simulate motion when the car is not actually moving, and even a motorized fog FX spraycan actuator that can create a spray of exhaust.  All of these features can be triggered with a touch-sensitive remote control I built.  This was a really fun project!

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