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Magic Rose

This is the Magic Rose created for Beauty and the Beast.

The rose blossom itself is constructed from crepe paper, around a small peice of drinking straw that includes a tiny string of WS2811 5mmx5mm pixels. I made a small connector so that the head can be swapped for less and less full "heads" as the show progresses.

The stem is an extra long green drinking straw, with a green LED filament inside, and hot glue thorns. I also fed several fiber optic fibers through the stem, where they attach beneath the floor to WS2811 LEDs that create the magic sparkles that seem to spin around the rose as it turns.

I used a smoked glass spraypaint to darken the glass, to hide the fibers and add an antique look. The rose is battery powered, the back is mounted under the birch floor, which is in turn mounted to a geared synchronous motor that rotates the whole thing inside its glass case.

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