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Iron Man

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Michael created an iron man Cosplay, starting from a plain red shirt and gloves.  the chest part is attached to the shirt magnetically, with threadlike wires going through to allow the glove and chest components to share power and communicate.

There a touch switch built into one of the gloves that causes an animation of the chest lights and light bursts from the hands.  Unfortunately, a video could not be located, so two still photos were put together into an animated GIF to give a hint of the effect.

The  chest piece is made of warm-temperature moldable thermoplastic pressed into a mold, stripped copper wire, clear plastic cut with an X-Acto knife and painted silver with opaque markers.

Beneath the thermoplastic disc and “bowl” there is a WS2812 addressable pixel ring which displays different patterns on a loop.  The gloves have holes cut in them, with clear glass cabochons, wrapped with a popped white balloon skin and snapped into a molded thermoplastic ring painted with gold paint.  under the cabochons 2 more smaller WS2812 rings are mounted.  AAA batteries are mounted behind the chest piece.

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