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In the Meantime...

When the pandemic fell upon us, it hit my wife, Katie Calahan, especially hard. Above all else, she's an actress, it's what she loves to do. And when everyone is required to stay 6 feet apart and not congregate in large groups, there aren't a lot of acting opportunities. We have friends who are also actors and were similarly upset by the lack of work.

I've always enjoyed writing, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to work on writing things with dialogue instead of narrative, and get my feet wet in screenwriting. Katie and I co-wrote 3 episodes (we may make more).

In the Meantime follows Jim, who has had an accident and found himself stuck in a tree. His wife Claire, played by Katie, is stranded in a hotel, which she believes has been taken over by terrorists...

Jim gets a random phone call from a stranger, who seems to be mentally unstable, but unable to reach the buttons, she is the only contact he has with the outside world. Claire's parents get cut off when her battery dies, and in trying to reach the Embassy, they accidentally reach a bartender at a club by the same name, who decides to mess with them.

The show's a lot of fun, but it hasn't reached as many people as I'd hoped, so we haven't been putting a lot of effort into producing more of them. Please watch them, subscribe, comment that you want more, and maybe we'll get back to making more episodes!

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