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Gogol Bordello Concert Gear

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The word “Illumanation” in the title image is misspelled intentionally, after a song by the Gypsy Punk band Gogol Bordello; these duds were put together for a concert.

Michael created the animated light-up purple fascinator, an animated glowing slingshot newsboy hat, and a neon-lettered shirt.


The newsboy hat was fitted with a slingshot logo based one of the bands’ album covers, appearing to shoot a star toward the viewer.  This was created by cutting up an EL panel into many layered pieces, grafting in new electrical connections to the peices, and overlaying the logo with a printed transparency.  An EL controller circuit and battery case are inside the hat.


The fascinator includes a pulsing purple opal, glowing curly wires along feathers, and flashing strobe lights hidden in the feathers.  It looks more impressive in lower light, but this is the best video available.  The fascinator itself was purchased with curled feathers, then the plastic opal was removed, an LED inserted inside, EL wire accents and strobing LEDs were tucked into the feathers, and a very small microprocessor circuit and 2 watch battery holders are mounted under the feather pelt.

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